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Senior Page

Do I have to do a senior project?
All Colusa Unified seniors are required to complete a senior project before graduating. Colusa Home School students follow the same schedule and guidelines as CHS students. Your Colusa Home School teacher will give seniors a packet of information and guide students through the process of completing the project. There is a copy of this packet in the Senior Locker on this page. Seniors who are graduating in June will present their projects in early May. Seniors who are planning a December graduation will follow the fall presentation schedule outlined in your senior packet.
Is there a graduation ceremony?
Yes, Colusa Alternative Home School has a graduation ceremony to honor seniors who graduate from its program. Traditionally, the ceremony is on the Tuesday evening of the last week of school. Be sure to check our Home School calendar as the end of the year approaches. 
Where do I get my cap and gown?
Senior students order and wear the same graduation regalia as the CHS students. Girls and boys wear cardinal. You may order your cap, gown and tassel from Premier Grad Products. Bob Sebring is the company representative for Colusa Home School. He will schedule a time to visit CUSD to take orders, but you may order online or call Bob Sebring directly for assistance. His phone number is (916) 435-2331 and his email is